Mount Kelud Eruption Causes Rain Ash in Yogyakarta

As we can see, hear, and read on TV, Radio, Social Media, Newspaper est. all over Indonesia is preaching on this. On 14th February 2014, Mount Kelud which is located in East Java erupted in the middle of the night (Well I'm not really going to make this like a formal news, I'm just gonna tell the condition that I felt these past few days..) This happened in the middle of the night, when everybody in my house was asleep. No one felt anything until my grandma and my dad woke up to pray subuh and looked outside. What a shock, everywhere was grey. The roof, my lawn, the chairs on my porch, everything was covered with this grey thingy called ash and it's still raining ash the moment I woke up and looked outside. It was like snowing but in a different feel. It's not cold, it's not wet either when the ash touches your skin. Well it's ash. Here is the picture, it was 6.30 in the morning and the sky was red because the sunlight was covered by ash..

It stopped raining ash about 8 in the morning. TV stations was already reporting news about mount Kelud erupting, the raining ash that i felt in Yogyakarta was because of the eruption. The wind brought the vulcanic ash from mount Kelud eruption all the way to Yogyakarta which is approximately 300km far. This is how it looked in the morning when the rain ash stopped.

My dad said it was like living in mars. (the real question is, has he ever been to mars before? ehehehe..)

This picture was taken by my friend Jidda when she was riding her motorcycle through the streets of Jogja. It really looked like Silent Hill to me LOL..

We had to wear masks to protect us from breathing the ash directly, cause it's dangerous for human's health

It has been 4 days since the raining ash, but the ash still remains. We really need rain, heavy rain. Yup, only by 2 days of heavy rain then after that maybe the ash will be gone. I was thinking, in Yogyakarta that's 300 km away from the mountain the effect is this bad. Then how about there in East Java, the people that live only 1 to 10km away from the mountain? Poor them :( May God always be with them, Amin..

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